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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Declan Affley

"...he sang in "low dives and pubs", such as the Royal George, Sydney and Tattersalls in Melbourne. Irish rebel songs and other folksongs were sung with great gusto in these pubs and it was here that Declan met singers such a Brian Mooney, Don Ayrton, Paul Marks and Martin Wyndham-Read.

"Declan eventually became a regular performer at the Troubadour Coffee Lounge in Edgecliff, Sydney and later at Frank Traynor's Folk Club, Melbourne. He was also a frequent guest at the "Greenwich Village", the Elizabeth Hotel - "the Liz", Pact folk, Edinburgh Castle and other Sydney folk venues. He also became a stalwart of the first folk clubs in pubs in Melbourne in the late 1960s such as Fogarty's..."



Anonymous Brian Wakefield said...

I participated in a musical project with Declan and a couple of others in the mid 70s which involved rehearsals at his place in Annandale, and sank quite a few beers with him over the years. There was such generosity of spirit and a rich warmth to his voice that you couldn't help but like him. I last ran into Declan in Darling St Balmain a few weeks before he unexpectedly died.

27 October 2011 at 11:44 am  

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