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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Martin Sharp and the Yellow House

..."His work is loaded with levels of meaning, says artist Peter Kingston, who worked with Sharp on Oz in Sydney, at Luna Park and at the Yellow House artists' mecca at Kings Cross in the 1970s. "Most of the things come with humour and a sting," he says....

'He's part social commentator, part shaman' - SMH

The Yellow House and other Cross Currents - SMH

Mellow Yellow - SMH

Milesago Yellow House

Yellow House - ABC


Richard Neville visited The Royal George; I'm not sure if Martin Sharp did, but I well remember The Yellow House at Kings Cross about 1970: it was in Macleay Street, just round the corner from Frank's Cafe (in Challis Avenue), the leather shop run by many from The George's Young Push and others. There were fantastic exhibition openings/parties/concerts there: once Jeannie Lewis, whom I knew as a friend and folksinger from The George, completed the blowing of my already well-blown mind by singing at a Yellow House opening one of the sexiest, most amazing riffs I have ever heard.


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