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Saturday, September 16, 2006

My Purposes

I was a person of no importance in what was called the Young Push, but spent some time at the Royal George in the post-Bogle/Chandler days of 1963 and following, and on into a kind of off-shoot of that scene, a leather working co-operative called Frank's Cafe. Because I was one of the very first among the Young Push - I think the very first - to have his ear pierced (in August, 1964, with a gold sleeper), I was known as "Ear-ring Paul", to distinguish me from English Paul and American Paul and others; such was the naming practice at The George in the early sixties.

My purpose here is to gather as much material, as much documentary evidence as possible, relating to this era. I hope by centralising access to this evidence to provide a kind of archive, as well as a collection of links to other such sites that relate in various way to this extraordinary chapter (or rather, several chapters) in Sydney's history. One such site is Beatnik Casbah, which includes some great memoirs of this time. Cass, the writer of these, evokes the atmosphere and detail of one sector of those times with amazing colour, authenticity and honesty.

I am looking for, and would love to hear about, any other such sites; or from anyone else who can contribute to these Histories - or rather, this collection of sources. Emails may be sent to, or comments left on this site in the comment boxes.

When I have time and inspiration I will write into it my own reminiscences as well.


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