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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Who was who of me

So you know what you're dealing with: here I am in 1963, in one of those old photo booths (taken with my mate Garry Renshaw partly visible as we headed down to check out The Royal George).

Here aged 16 with my first girlfriend, Michele, who'd laid her head in my lap. She gave me this copy of the picture when I met her again in London in 2006: she'd cut and pasted the picture to move her head closer to mine; she also gave me back a book I loaned her in 1963, as recounted here.

This one was taken about 1965-66: my hair had grown long, been cropped, and was growing again.

This was taken in 1970 at the Nagoya Sukiyaki House, Kings Cross, with my chum John Paul Dean who was in the US First Air Cavalry, on R&R in Sydney. He came from near Big Sur, California: I often wonder what happened to him. Me in tie-dye shirt etc - I was working as a sandal-maker at the Frank's Cafe leather co-operative: we had shops in Challis Avenue, Kings Cross, at the Kings Cross Market; later at Liverpool Street near Oxford Street, and at The Argylle Arts Centre at The Rocks. Frank's Cafe grew out of The Royal George and a leather shop started by two Americans, called The Peg & Awl. It included English Paul, Dave Howie (a Scot), Dave Quint (an ex-London bobby), Chuck Cookson (who had been one of Lee Gordon's boys), Christa, Kate Cawcutt, Vyda, Vince Healey, Frank Hammond, Alan Heptinstall, Warren, Little Maxie, Christine Quirk, Jacques Baudie and Miggs (with their baby Spunky), Norwegian Eric, Henry,... many others whom I'll add as I think of them. Frequent and occasional visitors included Al Head, Lady George, Vivienne, Starlee Ford, Dutch Andie, John Sandies, Malto, Rick O'Hara, Cass and Mindless, Karolline King from Hair, Black Alan, Maid Marion, Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Frank Scarfe...

Teaching Roman History at Killarney Heights High, c. 1986:


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